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Drala, a Tibetan word, means "energy beyond aggression." Drala refers to the subtle presence of phenomena, the spirit of the unseen, or seldom seen. Drala is a reality to be discovered, felt, communicated with.


Welcome to the Drala Principle. I’ve created this website to share teachings on drala, including personal accounts of drala experiences. The scope of the website is universal, intended for people from all walks of life and spiritual persuasions. The writings on this site are my own and from a growing list of other writers (if you are interested in submitting an essay or personal account, I warmly invite you to contact me).   - Bill Scheffel

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The monk asked the master, "Why do I not hear the teachings of inanimate objects?"

The master replied, "Even though you cannot hear this teaching, do not obstruct that which does."

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